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LOTRO : The Rift Strategy (updated 21/11/2007)

Author chlívek (Lord of the Rings Online) - vydáno 11.11.2007

Here it goes, the trash and bosses strategy for 12 man raiding instance The Rift. Work in progress as we started raiding it


The Rift is 12 man instance resetting every week in maintenance window. It has usual raid locks so you have to be carefull when getting the raid together with random pick ups (PUGs).


Level Name Type Species Dread Morale Gear Gem
51 Barz Arch-nemesis Troll 5 137,260 Boots Near Perfect Sapphire
51 Zurm Arch-nemesis Troll 5 137,260 Boots Near Perfect Sapphire
52 Fruz Arch-nemesis Troll 5 157,402 Gloves / Gauntles Sparkling Diamond
51 Zogtark Arch-nemesis Orc 5 138,633 Leggins Glinting Amethyst (chest)
52 Narnulubat Arch-nemesis Orc 5 145,958 Chest Glowing Red Ruby (chest)
53 Shadow-Eater and Stone-Biter Arch-nemesis Nameless 5 146,061 Some blue items if lucky none
53 Thrang Arch-nemesis Orc  7 144,630 Helmet Pristine Opal
54 Thaurlach Arch-nemesis Balrog 10 225,250 Weapons / Shields / Shoulder Firey Quartz / Dazzling Emerald


Name Common Fire Light Shadow Ancient Dwarf Beleriand Westernesse
Barz S Re Re S S S S
Zurm S Re Re S S S S
Fruz Re G G S S S S
Zogtark S A G S S G S
Narnulubat S S S S S S S
Shadow-Eater and Stone-Biter G F F F F A F
Thrang S F S S S S S
  Resistance Combat Effectiveness
Name Cry Song Magic Physical Melee Defence Tactical Defence Range Defence
Barz F F G G A A A
Zurm G G G G A A A
Fruz G F G G A A F
Zogtark F G G G F F F
Narnulubat F F G G F F F
Shadow-Eater and Stone-Biter G G S G S Re Re
Thrang F G G G F A A

Possible order (lowest to highest), please correct as i might get it really wrong

F = Fair
A = Average
G = Good
S = Superior
Re = Remarkable

Items needed

  • 5 Hope Tokens per person (needed on every boss fight)
  • Essences of Athelas
  • Celebrant Salves
  • Oils for hunters
  • Lembas
  • Spare weapons/shields
  • Repair anvil needed if you plan 4+ hour raiding

Trash pulls

Care while pulling, it's easy to pull two groups or some unwanted monsters. And it can be really deadly. Some pulls can be done very safely when timed correctly, so watch for right moment to pull (learn from distance of monsters).


Troll and Troll-keeper : Always kill Troll-keeper first as Troll itself cannot be damage until his master is dead. And Troll-keeper is keeping Troll buffed with some hard to overcome buff. However, do not separate them far from each other as Troll will get mad.

Hillmen, Hillmen-Slave, Orc Master : Mez the Hillmen-Slave (healer, woman) and keep it mezzed and leavy it last to be killed. Then start killing Hilmens while Orc Master is immobilised (mezzed, do it first, as he buffs the Hillmens).

After Hillmens are dead, kill Orc Master. Hillmen-Slave will be last one, it's good idea to drag her power to zero (will greatly help doing damage). Hillmen-Slave is healer, so having it non-mezzed means really problem.

Orc Master and bunch of slaves : Group of 5+ normal level slaves (like the ones in CD) and their EM Master. Immobilise Master, kill slaves, then kill Master.

Summoners with Fire-Worm : Kill Summoner first as he keeps summoning new worms.

Friendly Giant in first Cave

Kill the monsters surrounding the Giant by pulling them away from him (can be pulled in few pulls, not just all), watch for hot area. When room is clear, make raid going away - best is on the stairs you will continue to Barz (opposite side of room you entered donw) and let one member go close to giant - he will start scripted event. The one who "talked" to him should run back to raid. Simple as that, do not get involved in fight, it will take very long and more and more waves will spawn.

The Cave where giant is has two exits (both on stairs) to two bosses you must kill - Giant will open the access to city after both bosses are dead.

The Rift Map - first part, Zurm, Barz, Asmolf
Bornabar, first part of The Rift

Zurm boss (#1)

Tank and spank with some waves of monsters coming to make you more happy from fighting. Let MT (MainTank) get enough of aggro to be safe and then just dps Zurm until wave of monsters appear - always kill spawned wave, then return back to Zurm.

The spawned monsters are know trash types :

  • First group : Troll and Troll-Keeper
  • Second group : Hillmen / Hillmen-Slave and Orc-Master. Keep Hillmen-Slave mezzed after killing her companions and focus on boss if you want make this encouncer easier.

Barz boss (#2)

This one is more difficult as it can easily wipe you if not paying attention to chat where he says several important things.

  • No one is stronger than bart - AOE power drain with 600 damage. No big deal unless you care about power
  • I will gnaw on your bones - Huge AOE damage which can be avoided by just running away (Barz will stand in one spot all the time). The AOE range is 10 meters, time to run is about 4 seconds. This IS DEADLY TO ANYONE IN RANGE
  • I will bring down the caverns on you - again AOE damage, get out of the area of effect

At several points (95K, 70K, 50K) there will be usual spawns of monsters - Troll and Troll-master, Hillmen / Hillmen-Slave and Orc-Master and thid is the same as 2nd spawn.

It's good idea to kite Barz through and around bridge structure at time the raid kill monsters. As with previous fight, all members must focus on killing spawned monsters with right strategy.

Use Sticky Tar or any other ways of slowing Barz.

At wave with Hillmen-slave use again the strategy of keeping her mezzed until Barz is killed.

Barz can be tanked in fixed spot (if there are no monsters spawned), but raid must take care that everyone runs away at various emotes - that included tank as even tank sometimes cannot whistand the "I will gnaw on your bones"!

Other possibility is to keep kiting him around the bridge structure and use mainly ranged attacks. Contact melee can keep running with him, but they still must run away at those emotes.

Mitigation - SUPERIOR to anything except Fire and Light (Remarkable for those two)

Room with 3 giants and Giant barter trade vendor

Killing both bosses will make first giant very happy and he opens the path to city inside The Rift. Go fast there with him, take any quests you can as there will be soon a spawn trying to kill the giants (3 giant and one giant barter vendor, only the vendor is safe spot).

Killing first two bosses will make the area around entrance to city free of monsters. They will not respawn.

Important - the wave of monsters trying to kill giant is 6 minute event. Counted form moment last monster from current wave dies. As they run through tunnel you will need to use you can be in great danger.

You can kill group of orcs just right down from giants, which you can do either by going away from path of patrol (effectively to spot where this group is) or by pulling this group back to giants (they can help you a bit) and killing them together with spawned patrol. You can actually ignore that group, just keep on right side and go to tunnel.

As soon as spawned patrol is dead, wait for new patrol - do NOT fight them, let the giant handle them as you will have time to run (and fight) through tunnel to next area with new boss. You can still use the tactics of pulling group back to giants as they will handle it for you.

Lotro, The Rift Map, Upper Noruidor
Upper Noruidor, blue is the path to go, red is path of patrol.

After you come out from tunnel, turn right and climb/jump over rocks to safe area. From there start pulling and clearing the area. Watch for patrol spawn going to giants area - do not pull those!

Furz boss (#3)

Furz is waiting for you in room with two doors in Upper Noruidor. You can enter the room, bust stop just behind the door - best in opposite corner from Furz. As soon as someone approaches the boss, door will close so it is really important everyone gets in!

Keep Furz tanked away from cliff on opposite side of door - the cliff is spawn point for monsters which jump down and must be killed as soon as possible - reason is they greatly heal boss when closer to him. And more of them is closer, more he gets healed.

A Hint - Hunter can root them still at stairs, any runner (or runners if rooting fails) can be handle by champion stun.

A BUG which will be fixed sooner or later (15/11/2007, bug is fixed) - currently the spawned monsters are not jumping down (triggering exploit and just hanging there) so kill boss, then go close to cliff and start killing them (those who are target can jump in air to get their attention).

NEW BUGS after 15/11/2007 - Furz can go antiexploit under stairs and it's very hard to get him responding again (in some cases he just one shots whole raid after that). Spawned monsters are ignoring aggro and target and still head to Furz now.

Mitigation - Common REMARKABLE, Fire and Light GOOD, rest SUPERIOR.

Killing Furz does not stop patrol nor certain monsters from respawning. The patrol going to giant will spawn after a while, so will be Summoners with worms.

Zogtark (#4)

After Furz is dead open the door in his room and continue to drake area - clear the whole area, ignore two Elder Fire Drakes (dont come close to them as it starts event). Zogtark should not aggro afaik as he is scripted. You can safely pull one-by-one, keep usual drake strategy (head away from raid, etc).

Lotro, The Rift, Lower Noruidor
Lotro, The Rift, Lower Noruidor (Drake area)

Killing Zogtark is tricky - start by chest and fight in center area. Ignore flying fire drakes (there are 3 of them flying all the time) as they have only fire debuff when you are under them.

MT and OT should run to two Elder Fire drakes and start tanking them (again, head away from raid). Rest of raid ignore them, do not damage them - there will be spawn of worms which you must kill first.

After worm wave is gone, focus on first Elder Drake and start dps-ing him (do not damage other). At certain point the Elder Drake goes into air and Zogtark will run to you - MT (one who tanked the now flying drake) must start tanking the boss, OT still tanks the other Elder Drak (it might be that both are in air now, in such case, still focus range-dps on only one).

Everyone must start range-killing the flying Elder Drake. At certain point it will land, so you can finally kill him on ground. Keep Zogtark away from Elder Drakes as he will heal them (and they can start flying again btw).

After first Elder-Drake is dead, handle the other same way. Zogtark is still only tanked. Keep debuffing or you will get in big problems btw.

After both Elder-Drakes are dead, just tank-and-spank the boss.

The loot comes from chest. You must keep it open all the time - if you know Barad Gularan chest, then you should know that it can disappear with your valuable loot.

Mitigation - Fire as AVERAGE, Light and Beleriand as GOOD, all others SUPERIOR.

Again, killing Zogtark will not stop patrols and certain groups in his area from respawning. It's pretty annoying, but that is how Codemasters thinks.

Narnulabat (#5)

After leaving drake area stop just behind the door and make sure everyone understands how to fight the intermeddiate path to fifth boss, Narnulabat.

Trash here is really troublesome one - two islands have static monsters  (Fumarole, sort of volcano spawning other monsters, Burning Limrafn). There are five at first island and two at second island. Sometimes one spawns just after last bridge on left.

Keep raid grouped in close group and slowly move - Volcanos will appear only when someone comes close. So discover one by one, immediately focus dps to destroy it.

There will be Defenders and Fighters comming (2+1) once about every minute. Mezz/stun them if you are busy with volcanos, then kill them.

It is possible to pass this area without killing all volcanos, just keep on right side and continue further. And it is also possible to ignore Burning Limrafn as they despawn in 30 seconds.

Narnulabat is on platform, Ghashfra Seers are  in four corners of that platform - those will heal Narnulabat and are locked in their spot. You will need to kill them one by one before going for Boss.

During fight, there is hole in middle of platform, avoid it. The hole is destination of Darklings which start form left and right side out of platform and slowly move towards hole. If you let them reach a hole, they will turn into elite monster - do not let this happen.

Assign hunters or lore-masters to take care of Darklings (kill them before reaching the hole). For lot of fun Darklings can use stealth.

Let MT start by tanking Narnulabat - best is to kite him around the platform as he hits very hard. Use anything you can to slow him (tar ftw). Take Seers down one at a time while Darklings are continuously killed. Then take down the boss.

Killing Narnubalat will not stop volcanos (Fumoils) and other monsters from spawning.

Shadow-Eater (#6) and Stone-Biter

Enter the building through door at Narnubalat place and just keep going and killing until you are at room with fences on right and two guards standing on front of middle door. Kill the guards, get read and by opening the door the boss and his fellow (Stone-Biter) will get ready to be killed.

Kill Shadow-eater first, if you dont do it, several adds will spawn.

After Shadow-Eater is dead, there will be a spawn of few Darklings and two more monsters, kill Darklingsthem before they turn into elites, then kill the other two. Then kill Shadow-Eaters ally, Stone-Biter.

NEW BUGS after 15/11/2007 - Summoner on door before Shadow-Eater is summoning his worms into room with Shadow-Eater, behind the gate. It cannot be killed there and doors cannot be open as everyone is in combat.

Killing Shadow-Eater will not stop monsters in tunnels before him from respawning.

Thrang (#7)

Giant down there is actually not boss and will not be killed, it's poor giant tricked into hostility in part of the fight.

Tank Giant, dedicate one healer to tank. Tank must stay all the time in melee range otherwise Giant starts throwing rocks at random fellowship members (deadly).

Four waves of monsters will spawn from top of the arena like place. Last wave will also introduce Thrang - he will come out of the door with 4 shamans (heavy HoTs) which you have to kill first - best is to separate one from rest and kill it, then proceed.

Thrang is doing AOE damage, so avoid being near him. Use walls/obstacles to have shamans out of sight from each other.

The spawns :

  1. up to 6 scrappers/defenders/fighters
  2. up to 5 scrappers/defenders/fighters
  3. 2 scrappers
  4. 2 summoners (mez one, kill other, beware of worms), kill last summoner after all his worms are killed
  5. Shamans and Thrang, fumeroles, use champion for off-tank shamans one by one

At Thrang fight - he will initially stick himself in middle of stairs. After shamans are dead, he will come down. It's important to know that untanked Thrang will range fire fellowships members (deadly).

Thrang must be kited into volcanoes in bottom of room as it debuffs him.

There is a bug (as of November still active) where after wiping door between Shadow-Eater and Thrang dont open (or even the fences before Shadow-Eater room is closed). Leave Rift, disband raid, form it again and enter - you have to fight your way to Thrang through some respawned packs.

Thaurlach (#8)

This is the final boss of the Rift - Balrog himself.

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